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About Us

Salsa Dance School In Trinidad

Salsamology Dance Academy is one of the best Salsa Dance Schools In Trinidad that has been formed to teach, develop and elevate the quality of dancing on all rhythms. At Salsamology Dance Academy we know your free time and leisure activities are important.

We offer a diverse range of dances to meet your cultural, entertainment and recreational interests. Whether you are looking to meet new friends or just get away from it all Salsamology Dance Academy can help. Shed the stress and worry of everyday life and have a fantastic time.

We keep evolving and continue to share our knowledge and educate our students.
“knowledge is movement”

Salsa Dance School In Trinidad
Principal Instructor

Sheldon M. Harding

Never thought to would be dancing much less teaching….I was always into sports, but never thought I had it in me to dance. One evening a friend of mine ask me to go to a free dance class at a place known as Sabor Latino (AKA “The Attic”). I was so amazed at the people there.Guys turning and spinning the ladies on the dance floor to music I hardly understood, but sounded great.  

This is when my journey started and I never looked back…. I trained with some of the best instructors in the world travelling back and forth between Trinidad and New York. I had a thirst for knowledge and soaked up everything that was taught to me like a sponge. 

My instructors told me I should try teaching…. I laughed because that thought never crossed my mind. So one day I decided to start my first dance school and so began the evolution of Salsamology Dance Academy.  I have taught over 1000 students and help so many others evolve. This brings a joy to see people transform and gain confidence in themselves as it did for me. I always try to be a better person than i was yesterday.  

“Evolution is the key to success as practice makes permanent’

See you on the dance floor…

Salsamology Instructor
Assistant Instructor

Shinnel Mahabir

My Passion for dance started at the age of 10. The primary school I attended at that time had an opening ceremony in which one of the performances was a folk dance called the bélé. It was my first time dancing and performing.

I still remember the joy I felt dancing to the rhythmic beats of the drums.

I had a few performances of different genres throughout my teen years. Dancing was more of a recreation for me at that time.

I started pursuing dance more seriously in 2016. My passion for dance continues to grow daily and using that passion to evolve and help others evolve fills my heart with joy. There’s nothing more heartwarming than bringing joy to others.

*You can accomplish anything through dedication, determination and strong will*

*Pursue your dreams and make them a reality*

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