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    Where should you start from?

    If you have naver danced salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, 3-step, Merengue or Cha Cha before start with our absolute beginners cycle. If you have taken classes before, then use the second tip on how to determine your level.
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    Determine your level

    Taken classes before and not sure where to start? Explore our syllabus videos located at the on-demand videos in your student portal and try to match your level by how comfortable you feel with the moves. If you have never taken structured dance lessons, we strongly suggest starting with our beginner cycle.
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    Get a deductible consultation

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    Memberships that fits your goals

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What does this mean?

If our syllabus videos are not helping you decide where to start from, schedule a deductible consultation with one of our expert instructors and they will help guide you in the right direction. If you decide to sign up for our classes after the consultation, we will deduct the price of the consultation from the first package you buy.

How much do you want to commit? If you want to do 4-weeks then our monthly menbership is the best. Once you are past the absolute beginner level, you can take our ongoing practice classes. Step up into our 3 month menbership unlimited if you want to get more practice and become a better dancer!

Ready to start?

For best results, we recommend that you combine our beginner foundation classes with our ongoing practice classes for more patterns, moves, styling & drills.

If you are new to dancing, you don't have to have dance shoes but be sure to avoid sneakers or other rubber bottom shoes. Wear shoes that will allow you to slide on wood floor so you don't hurt your knees when you try to do turns. If you have dance shoes, it's best to wear those.


See you on the dance floor practice makes permanent.


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What should you wear to class?

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