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Private Dance Classes In Trinidad

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Pricing Options

Single Privates| Couple Privates|Semi privates


4+ Students
One Lesson 1 Hour
$60 Per Person
Studio Rental Not Included
In-Person Classes


One Person Only
One Lesson Per Hour
$150 Per Person
Studio Rental Not Included
In-Person Classes


Two People Only
One Lesson 1 Hour
$225 Per Couple
Studio Rental Not Included
In-Person Classes
advantages of taking privates

What private lessons can do for you!

Explained step by step
Confidence on the dance floor. There is way more information involved in dancing than we can convey in a 60-minute group class session; we can give you better & more specific information in a private lesson
Follow or Lead any move with ease. Do you find yourself trying to ‘lead’ a move and your partner doesn’t seem to ‘follow’? Do you have a hard time understanding what your lead is trying to tell you? Does your dance experience consist of ‘yanking and pulling’? We can fix that.
Feel the music. For some, staying on-beat can be a challenging thing when first starting to dance. A few of us can’t even find the beat! Personalised coaching can help train your ear to listen to the beat, move to it, and find better ways to express yourself to the music.
Achieve your dream! Whether you have always wanted to perform and compete, or whether you simply want to be super comfortable on the dance floor enjoying the music – Private lessons can get you to your goals.

Pros of Private Dance Lessons

  • in-depth technique
  • learn faster
  • individualized plan
  • achieve personal goals
  • schedule anytime
  • dance with a professional
  • 1 on 1 lesson

Cons of Group Dance Lessons

  • basic technique
  • progress with the group
  • class curriculum
  • move between class levels
  • Adjust to group’s schedule
  • dance with other students in the class
  • 20-40 students in the class

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