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    What Our Students are Saying

    I love this group, I always have fun and Sheldon is patient and has a deep passion for latin dancing. You should see and experience for yourself.

    sian siewsankar
    Sian Siewsankar

    Very family oriented. Great dance teacher (Sheldon); always open to other opinions or ideas.

    kiella andrews
    Kiella Andrews

    If you want to learn to dance, even if you have no previous experience or have two left feet like myself, this is definitely the place to learn.

    nicholas boodram
    Nicholas Boodram

    Thanks Sheldon from Salsamology Dance Academy for coming to my rescue at the last minute with private Latin dance classes and for making it so easy for me to understand. Will be back for Carnival!

    shelly holder
    Shelly Holder

    What words can describe Salsamology? I do not have them. But I can say that, as a new student I feel like part of a very special family. A family that loves dancing as much as I do and is patient in their willingness to teach not just the steps/patterns of a dance but also the spirit of each dance as well.

    kisheer bishop
    Kisheer Bishop

    A very patient and thorough dance instructor, Mr. Sheldon Harding. He does his best to meet the needs and interest of all his dance students. Very rewarding and enjoyable dance sessions. Bravo to him and his Salsamology team!!!

    debz caz
    Debz Caz

    I am a new member. So far the vibes are OK, pleasant, inviting and professional with variety in dances. Looking forward to the other weeks!

    lisa williams
    Lisa Williams

    My fiancé & I started taking private classes with Sheldon in preparation for our upcoming wedding. And I must say, after just one class my fiancé went from never having danced in his entire life to being able to do the 3 step and some other basic moves. I was amazed. Thanks to Sheldon for his patience & his expression of his love for dance.

    jasmine fourjesus seedan
    Jasmine FourJesus Seedan

    I stated classes with Salsamology this month and was not sure whether it would be a leap for me having only done a variety of basic dance steps. At the start of the class, Sheldon introduces the routine and you practice individually alongside him and then with partners. By the end of the class what seems like a lengthy routine becomes natural and can be repeated to do a full song/dance routine.

    meg nicko
    Meg Nicko

    The best dance class in Trinidad! The instructor has so much patience even for those with two left feet. My mother (Shelly Ali) joined the class three months ago and has been raving ever since. The medium and form of instruction are equally excellent. Apart from learning to dance I have become part of a community and have made several new friends. All in all this is class is worth the hype in every way.

    areanna ali
    Areanna Ali

    In Salsamology you would learn various types of dancing e.g Salsa, Kizomba. The people there are friendly and willing to help. Though the classes you get to meet new people and engage in fun social events. Dancing is a great way to excerise ☺️ and learn a skill.

    tatianna haile
    Tatianna HHaile

    I’m a new member and I absolutely love it! Sheldon is patient and an excellent instructor!! It’s always a good time!

    maria surajdeen
    Maria Surajdeen

    From going to a class with two left feet I am proud to say I can now dance like a Pro. Amazing classes, step by step programme and an instructor with a great deal of patience.
    Must reccommend this to any and everyone.
    Thanks Sheldon and all of Salamology for a continued great experience.

    Shelly Ali

    wonderful place to learn a number of dances. the instructors are patient with all and private classes are available. all is expected to learn no matter how fast they are. I have and will recommended anyone who wishes to dance to visit and and enjoy the experience.

    damion grant
    Damion Grant

    I love it. You guys are very professional especially in terms of being rather “up to the time” with technology and stuff,everything yall do is in an automated format eg. (your own student profile to log on to, to view updates and information sent from the Academy). How many dance class are so advanced thou?? Lol. Sheldon ensures that we learn the right thing and its not just about the style and looking good.. Nothing stands without proper Foundation and I see thats your belief which is awesome �. You also encourage fun and interraction with our fellow classmates which makes the class more enjoyable. Im glad i chose this dance Academy, because i aint going nooo wherrrreee else!!!!!

    tonya burke
    Tonya Burke

    They are So Cool, So Inviting, So Welcoming…
    Best Place to dance in Trinidad …. #getit

    manuel dos santos
    Manuel Dos Santos

    Fantastically great, well spirited, patient and understandable teachings.

    lucy mitchell
    Lucy Mitchell

    After years of no physical activity, I wasn’t sure whether I would have been able to take part in this class given my back, knee, ankle and heel injuries. Boy was I in for a real shocker. When I got to the venue , I was warmly greeted and encouraged to try the steps even though I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay. Well, I’m still here and loving every moment spent in class. Sheldon was able to create a family type environment while maintaining a level of professionalism. … See more.

    donna forde tang nian
    Donna Forde-Tang Nian

    Great school , great vibes, great teachers!
    Would recommend to anyone who loves dancing !

    taren vialva
    Taren Vialva

    Very good instructors with very innovative teaching styles. An atmosphere conducive to Latin dance perfection.

    demi singh
    Demi Singh

    Sheldon is very professional and patient! I thoroughly enjoy the classes and intend to be part of the experience for a long time.

    lares eizabeth
    Lares Elizabeth

    I just joined the class and I like the pace of the training.

    carol ann frontin de peaza
    Carol-Ann Frontin De Peaza

    Great dance class, Sheldon is very patient and detail in his teaching
    Would recommend for anyone who want to learn to dance, with great technique. Enjoying every minute of this class

    cindy beharry
    Cindy Beharry

    I am really glad that I joined salsamology it isss lol a great experience for me to start doing something I always wanted to do. I like the fact that I am being pushed to develop my skills in various types of dancing. I also like the fact that i am not being pushed too hard either.

    abraham jay
    Abraham Jay

    I have been practising dance with Sheldon for years and his patience, dedication and passion for all dance is inspiring. No other dance school has peaked my interest like this one and I will encourage anyone to join his class because he brings his A game when he is teaching.

    alicia demples osborne
    Alicia Demples Osborne

    Class was wonderful i really do enjoy i will be back soon.

    david johnson
    David Johnson

    Excellent. instructors very competent and helpful. the head of the school Sheldon is an expert dancer and very friendly.

    anadale kisso
    Anadale Kisso

    Salsamology has met all my learning to dance requirements ,great qualified experience teachers that made learning to dance easy ,nice location and venue great vibes.

    dian moore
    Dian Moore

    The instructor, Sheldon, is quite knowledgeable about salsa music and dance. He is very patient with his students, taking the time to carefully review moves so that everyone is comfortable. Classes are light and entertaining with good music. I’d recommend this school to any newbie.

    solange gibbs
    Solange Gibbs

    The instructor, Sheldon Harding is very passionate about dancing. This passion is shown in his teaching. He is very patient and dedicated in ensuring that each student would benefit from being attached to the Salsamology Dance Academy. I have absolutely no problem recommending the Salsamology Dance Academy to anyone.

    gerard bart
    Gerard Bart

    Despite the fact that I have only been to two classes at this (ever so quickly becoming extremely) popular dance academy, I have been granted an opportunity to easily expand on my knowledge of salsa and learn a new dance. Sheldon (instructor) is a wonderful tutor…teaches you what you need to know (basics first) and extends to what you may have seen on t.v or youtube. Thus far it has been great as the entire class is at the same level…as he ensures everyone is comfortable with what they have learnt before he teaches you more figures and foot work.

    sherisse smith williams
    Sherisse Smith-Williams

    It’s fun…it’s liberating….knowledge IS movement…in growth…challenge the ordinary …with Salsamology…

    beverly daniel
    Beverly Daniel

    I really enjoy my classes at Salsamology. Sheldon really knows his moves and how to get us to listen to the music so we aren’t just counting steps but really dancing and having a good time.

    alicia gibbs
    Alicia Gibbs

    I only started over a month now and I’ve learn a lot

    shane forde
    Shane Forde

    If you want to learn to dance the right way then look no further.

    aingell garcia
    Aingell Garcia

    Sheldon the instructor’s passion for dance encourages and propels me to become the dancer I know I can be.

    marsha metivier
    Marsha Metivier

    “Sheldon Harding and his team excel at making Latin dance simple and easy to learn”

    Nicole Cowie
    Nicole G. Cowie

    Fantastic dance class. Thought I was dancing all along only just realizing what true dance is. Thank you Sheldon for your patience and knowledge.

    Alicia Peters
    Alcira Peters

    salsamology is going great so far the instructor is very good and patient to say the least

    Samuel Harry
    Samuel Harry

    Our instructor, Sheldon Harding, is a very patient and encouraging person. His techniques are beautiful and elegant. The class has such a positive atmosphere which makes learning to dance enjoyable. Much thanks from my daughter and I.

    Denise Hernandez
    Denise Hernandez

    This is a brand new experience for me. My family and I are having a great time learning to dance with Sheldon and this great group of people.
    Salsamology fan

    Curtis Ramharrack
    Curtis Ramharrack

    Great dance school, awesome instructor! helpful students and pretty good atmosphere

    Marina Ramsook
    Marina Ramsook

    One word, 3 syllables…. AWE-SOME-NESS
    The classes are just Awesome. If you choose to kick back and simply enjoy dancing, this is the school for you. If you want to challenge yourself to higher levels, this is the school for you.
    Professionalism … Yes! Patient Instructors … Yes! Fun … Yes! Detailed breakdown of dance steps … Yes!
    The instructors are Awesome, the students are Awesome… it is just wonderful to be part of all the Awesomeness happening at Salsamology Dance Academy 😃

    Chanelle Kerry
    Chanelle Kerry

    “Fantastic place to learn Latin dancing, You won’t regret joining”

    Stash Mee
    Stash Mee

    Great,patient hard-working instructors who make certain you get it right…lovely bunch of people,lots of laughter,welcome feeling……practice makes permanent!!!

    Nicole Murphy
    Nicole Murphy

    Today i would like to take time out to congratulate and honor the Salamology Dance Academy .Sheldon you are an Unique and awesome dance teacher ..A real Teacher ..Your ability to teach step by step with patience , unique intelligence ,passion to share your knowledge in every way possible ..I feel soo excited and really happy to be part of Salamology Academy with no not much dancing skills u gently taught step by step showing me the path to only a dream i had …thank you …and for the greater portion to come i look forward …..The best dance school u can have is at the Salsamology Dance Academy ….

    Wendy Persaud
    Wendy Persaud

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